Current restrictions: "Fairs, festivals and trade shows are limited to 50% capacity with a COVID-19 safety plan."

 Covid-19 Safety Plan for the West Fine Art Trade Show, March 4-6, 2022,


Visitors who are not feeling well or are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, are kindly asked to not attend this event.

Visitors over 12 years of age must be fully vaccinated and present a BC Vaccination Card QR code prior to entry.

Face coverings are required to be worn in compliance with the current order of the provincial health officer, Face Coverings (Covid-19). Social distancing.

An open-sided welcome tent will be immediately-outside the venue entry door. The tent will be manned by a volunteer seated at a table who will greet visitors, check for proof of vaccination.  Upon proof of vaccination, visitors will be given a visitor tag and may be also given a sequential entry number which will be called.  Visitor-attendance numbers at this event will be controlled and limited as required by the most recent Provincial Order. 

A second reception desk immediately inside art show venue will also greet guests and brief visitors on our safety plan and direct visitors to enter the show in the prescribed direction and ask visitors to use the hand sanitizer that will be positioned just inside the entry. Reception desk volunteers will monitor the number of visitors inside venue and control entry by coordinating with welcome-tent volunteers.

Signage at the Reception desk will state: “Face coverings are  required to be worn”

Signage at the Reception desk will state: “If you are feeling unwell, please be kind and do not enter the show”

Signage inside the show will include:   “ Face Coverings are required to be worn in accordance with the Order of the Provincial Health Officer Face Coverings (COVID-19)"  and  Social Distancing signs ( 2 Metres),

Direction-arrows will be displayed inside the show to encourage all visitors to traverse the show in the prescribed direction.

Social distancing signs (2 metres) will be in place throughout the show; social distancing also means that hand shaking and hugging should be avoided.

Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the show.

General cleanliness/sanitization within the venue and associated washrooms will be maintained.

Visitors must not exit the show via the entry door but must exit the show via the (signage-designated) Exit.