Betty Phillips          Murray Phillips

All artists from the early years of the West Fine Art Show will remember Betty.

Gracious, kind and generous, Betty volunteered in every way and quickly became the heart and soul of our show.

In 2013, when Betty’s life-journey delivered her into the care of Langley Hospice, a strong partnership was forged between the West Fine Art Show and Langley Hospice Society. That partnership endures in the form of our annual fall show.

 We miss her presence, her smile and her love; we will always remember Betty

The West Fine Art Show was founded in 2010 by Murray Phillips.

Already a successful art gallery owner and artist, Murray saw the need for a local fine art show and set out to produce it. He gathered artist friends from all over western Canada and created our annual fall show that endures today.

In 2013 Murray formed the West Fine Art Show Society and organized a second annual show that subsequently became our May show. 

Murray was diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma in 2017. He lived his last days in grace and peace leaving the West Fine Art Show for us to carry forward.


          Senator Gerry St. Germain and Murray Phillips

History of the Show

The West Fine Art Show
is the brainchild of the accomplished western Canadian artist, Murray Phillips.  His vision of bringing together a group of exceptionally talented western Canadian artists flourished thanks to the show being hosted for the first four years by Senator Gerry St. Germain
at his Indian Springs Land and Cattle Co. ranch in South Surrey.

Up to 2016, Murray annually organized a dazzling collection of artists and their work for each show.

Looking Back.........

2018The West Fine Art Show, created to connect people with art, artists and charitable purpose added a third show in the early spring of 2018.   With our new partner, the Langley School District Foundation our 2018 show calendar becomes a trilogy with shows in March, May and September. 

Two shows continued. Cloverdale Rodeo with our Remembering Jeff Robinson display in support of CH.I.L.D. Foundation and an emerging artists display of Lord Tweedsmuir student art. Our second show "Remembering" at Glass House Estate Winery was a stunning success in support of Langley Hospice Society. Thanks to our new hosts Arthur, Ingrid and Margit deJong. 

This year featured a bigger and better show at Cloverdale Rodeo and a stunning "Remembering Betty" show--in tents-- at Thunderbird Show Park.

One of our dear friends and a wonderful volunteer at our shows, Bob Siak ,departed:

From the beginning, the West Fine Art Show relied on volunteerism to make it happen.

Bob, with his capable hands and can-do attitude, was more than a volunteer, he was a leader who saw beyond obstacles and built solutions.  Whether it was helping with set-up or parking signs or electric hook-up or tear-down, Bob was always exactly where you needed him, beside you and ready with a helping hand.

In 2015 Bob passed away during recovery from a surgical operation. Although this tragedy took Bob from us, his energy can still be felt at each show by artists, board members and visitors. Thanks to you Bob, the show you helped build goes on; we will always remember you!

 Bob Siak  

We continued in 2015 with two shows:
May  15 - 18


The West Fine art Show at Cloverdale Rodeo, proceeds to Cloverdale Rodeo Youth Initiative Foundation and CH.I.L.D. Foundation

            MurrayPhillips     Red Robinson     BrianCroft
                         Show Opening Ceremonies

August  20 - 23

The West Fine Art Show at Thunderbird Show Park, proceeds to Langley Hospice.

We were very grateful for the support which allowed us to expand to two shows this year.  Our society is also grateful to the Tidball Family and those at Thunderbird that allowed us the space to do that show and and also the work of Darwin Osarchuk in arranging for space at Trev Deeley Motorcycles. 

 September 13 - 14, 2014 "The West" at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver. support of CH.I.L.D. Foundation. 
 Back Row, L to R:

Red Robinson
Grace McCarthy
Doug Levitt
Brent Cooke
Mak Hobson
Mary Parsons
Paige Albrecht

Front Row, L to R:

Jeffrey Whiting
Gaye Adams
Murray Phillips
Brian Croft

absent Glenn Green


September 5- 7, 2014        

Our  "Remembering Betty" Show at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, BC support of Langley Hospice.

Murray Phillips
Gaye Adams
Paige Albrecht
June Bloye
Carmel Clare
Craig Benson
Brian Croft
Bryan Coombes
Lalita Hamill
Bill Higginson
Tammie Hunter
Mark Hobson
Michael King
Loretta Kyle
Doug Levitt
Kim Penner
Olga Rybalko
Esther Sample
Joe Smith
...and guest artists. 

"Remembering Betty Show"

2013 Featured artists 

Murray Phillips,  Gaye Adams,  Craig Benson,  June Bloye,  Carmel Clare,  Bryan Coombes,  Brian Croft,  Lalita Hamill,  Tammie Hunter, Mark Hobson,  Doug Levitt,  Esther Sample,  Nathan Scott,  Joe Smith.
Guest artists: Bill Higginson, Olga Rybalko, Sharie Posein, Josh Jenkins

Although 2013 was a sad sad year with the passing of my beloved wife Betty, she insisted that the 2013 show take place even though she would not be able to join in as she always has.  In her memory we called the 2013 show "Remembering Betty" and in gratitude we sent a portion of the show art sale proceeds to our new partner, the Langley Hospice Society.  It was a wonderfull show with high attendance which connected artists and guests under a warm fall sunshine.  On behalf of all the artists  and guests who came together to help .remember Betty, I send my affection and thanks.   With gratitude, Murray Phillips.

Betty Phillips..with Murray

All artists from the early years of the West Fine Art Show will remember Betty.

Gracious, kind and generous, Betty volunteered in every way an quickly became the heart and soul of our show for many years.  In 2013, when Betty’s life-journey delivered her into the care of Langley Hospice, a strong partnership was forged between the West Fine Art Show and Langley Hospice Society. It is in Betty’s memory that we artists gather each year.

We miss her presence and her love; we will always remember Betty.


 Featured Artists for 2012

Back row: Joe Smith, Murray Phillips,

Middle row: Red Robinson(absent), Shell Busey, Nathan Scott, Judie Popplewell, Craig Benson,  Esther Sample, Dennis Webber, Una-Ann Moyer, Roger Arndt,  Carmel Clare, Denise Lemaster Rose, Lisa Shepherd, Doug Levitt and Gaye Adams(absent) ,

Front row: Mark Hobson, Brian Croft,

John Gilliat and Rossi Tzonkov (guitarists)

Exit 58: Kendra Croft, Chris Parsons, Laura Day(absent)

The 2012 Edition of the West is Best Fine Art Show , was renamed The West Fine Art Show in this, the third year of growth and there was much to be enthusiastic about.  The opening evening was a sensational beginning with a wonderful supper for the artists and invited guests graciously hosted by Senator Gerry and Margaret St. Germain.  Then we moved down to the art show itself where Red Robinson was our MC.  Red regaled the crowd with humour and artistic insight and then introduced Senator St. Germain who welcomed guests, followed by, Roberta Jamieson, the CEO and President of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (now named Indspire), who gave a sterling address on the significance of education for Aboriginal youth.  Murray Phillips then introduced the artists after which the show was officially opened with gusto by Shell Busey.

Hundreds of people attended the three day event which enjoyed beautiful weather.  The art was sensational and the praise for the show was most affirming.  Music was provided by John Gilliat on guitar Friday night and Saturday and the Exit 58 trio on Sunday.  

We were particularly grateful to Senator Gerry and Margaret St. Germain for their gracious hosting of the show. Special thanks are also in order to Red Robinson and Shell Busey for their enthusiasm and support of this show. 


Featured Artists for 2011:
Jonn Einerssen,Wanda Whalley, Brent Heighton,Doug Levitt, Julia Lucich, Chris MacClure, Dennis Webber, Audrey Nanimahoo, Andrew Kiss, Vance Theoret, Murray Phillips, Roger Arndt, Adeline Halvorson, Brian Croft, Steven Allen,     Greg Metz




 Featured Artists for 2010