Featured Artists

Featured Artists 

at our Spring Show, March 9-11, 2018
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Brian Croft,
president, West Fine Art Show

Painting the History of Vancouver and British Columbia.   Brian Croft is a former fighter pilot with the Canadian Forces. Today he is a widely recognized artist whose work emanates from the beautiful locales surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has introduced a historical and heritage perspective into his work and this has become the focal element and trademark of his various collections. Brian’s major works are now rendered on canvas and his meticulous research and paint process continues to produce highly detailed and evocative paintings of our past. He resides in Langley, B.C. and has created over 380 works.

Bryan Coombes,
vice president, West Fine Art Show

Bryan has parlayed his experiences as a local realtor, traveler, commercial bush pilot, mountaineer, father and a Canadian into his art. His main theme is landscape painting in oil and acrylic but he's reluctant to generalize his subject matter as he is simply enjoying the wonderful journey of exploring art through paint and color. He is certain his work will weave through the gamut of subject matter and techniques whilst keeping to a style that can only be his.



Joyce Trygg


Joyce Trygg was born at Cross Roads, Country Harbour in Nova Scotia. She drew constantly throughout her childhood and majored in art in high school. While she raised her family she attended Douglas College where she drew, painted, sculpted and studied Art History. She drew and painted animals as a hobby, especially studies of horses, dogs and cats.

She now lives with her husband on a horse farm in Fort Langley, B.C., surrounded by domestic animals, and occasionally, deer, coyotes, hawks, eagles and black bears.
In 1998 she began painting seriously and attending workshops with well-known local and international artists. 

Although animals are her primary subjects, Joyce also loves to paint some of the beautiful details encountered in everyday things, capturing the familiar in new and unexpected ways.
In 2010 Joyce was selected by the B.C. Wildlife Federation as the B.C. Wildlife Artist of the Year.
In 2014 she was one of twelve artists invited to represent Canada at the “Fabriano In Acquarello 2014”, an international artistic convention, and she was invited back to participate in 2015.  Joyce is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation.
Works by Joyce Trygg have now been exhibited and sold in Canada, the USA and Europe.




Ken Nash,
director,West Fine Art Show

Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, Ken Nash has created art for fifty years using a variety of mediums including ink, coloured pencil and acrylics on paper, wood and canvas. For most of his career he focused on commission work, but over the past five years has exhibited his paintings throughout Metro Vancouver, as well as the Fraser and Thompson Valleys. Along the way, he has studied and been influenced by Bateman and Coleville, as well as Russian landscape artists Shishkin and Levitan. His work can now be described in the genre of photorealism and is an excellent conduit to reflect the beauty of the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Neil Hamelin  "Best Artist" (flat art) at the 2016 Western Showcase at the Calgary Stampede . www.neilhamelin.com  

Canadian artist Neil Hamelin finds his inspiration telling stories of our heritage through the weathered wood and flaking paint that stand vestige to our past. His paintings capture the feeling of forgotten stories and adventures told through the rusty metal of vehicles, and battered hulls of ships long dis-remembered for their service.

An injury led to Hamelin picking up a paint brush for the first time in 2010 in an attempt to find an outlet for the creativity he felt locked away. As a self-taught artist, he challenges himself to notice the beauty and story in subjects that may otherwise be ignored. A lifetime’s interest with vehicles and objects from our heritage captures Hamelin's imagination where he is enamoured by the artistry and craftsmanship that was once employed in their fabrication. As opposed to the allure of shiny chrome and flawless paint, Hamelin sees the beauty in age and weathering, showing evidence of a life lived. His paintings become a touchstone, triggering stories from our ancestry. 

Hamelin has received National recognition for his artwork with a series of gold coins released through the Royal Canadian Mint. His paintings are found in the homes of private collectors and corporations internationally.


Terry Isaac  terryisaac.com    

Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist, Terry Isaac, grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and it is there that he began his love affair with wildlife. Drawing inspiration from his own backyard and from the captivating vistas of the Northwest, he began to create dramatic wildlife art. He now calls Penticton, British Columbia, Canada “home” and, since moving, has continued to create paintings capturing unique characteristics of wildlife and their habitat. Terry travels around the world to capture exciting images, but his main painting focus continues to be on North American birds and mammals.

I draw my inspiration from observing nature, always on the look out for “magical moments”. Usually seeing a particular setting is what initially inspires me. I then consider which bird or mammal will go well with that scene. I like to capture particularity, avoid stylizing, and expose the uniqueness that every thing in nature possesses. I edit and manipulate the composition until I am satisfied, use abstract shapes and create a painting that has a sense of depth. I work background to foreground – general to specific, striving to create something that is captivating and pleasing to look at. 

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do something I have such a passion and love for.     Terry Isaac


Gaye Adams


As a child Gaye’s closest companion was her sketch book, and she can’t recall a time when she didn’t draw. An enchantment with the natural world developed, and most especially the light which revealed and modeled the forms within it. Her interest in rendering the effects of light has endured as the focus of her wor k, and never ceases to fascinate and challenge her as a painter. She strives always to say less with more, and enjoys the process of simplification when painting, letting the paint reveal a language of it’s own.

 During the course of her painting career, she has explored many mediums and methods, initially as a pastelist and most currently oil paints. She paints on location outdoors often, and finds that working from life both in and out of the studio is a vital part of her continuing development as a painter.

Gaye holds senior signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, has received her “Master Pastellist” designation from the Pastel Artists of Canada, and is also a member of the Oil Painters of America. She has garnered awards at the international level and has had articles and images in numerous art publications.  When not traveling to paint or teach, she works out of her home studio in Blind Bay, British Columbia.


Emily Lozeron emilylozeron.com     

Emily Lozeron is a nature artist from Northern Alberta.  Her goal is to share with others the joy that she feels while in nature.  Whether it is seeing the beauty in the imperfect or showing something in a new way.  In a culture that values new and exciting things, Emily hopes to have people slow down and see the value in the old or overlooked things.  The rusty barbwire, the scarred leaf, or old car that has been forgotten.   Emily is a signature member of Artist for Conservation and hopes to encourage others to enjoy nature.  Emily paints in a realistic style but aims to have a painterly feel to the subject.  She paints mainly with acrylics on either Baltic birch or canvas.

Judy Vanderveen www.myartclub.com    

Raised in the Fraser Valley in and around the farming communities, it is only natural that Judy's subject matter would reflect her deep rooted interests. She started riding horses as a teenager and has remained a horsewoman all her life. Judy began showing horses a few years after she began riding, participating in many gymkhanas, rodeos and large horse shows. One of her accomplishments includes being chosen the first recipient of the Miss Horsemanship trophy in the Cloverdale Rodeo Queen Pageant. An avid trail rider, Judy competed in the grueling 50-mile endurance ride/race once hosted in Abbotsford. 

Judy comes from a long line of very talented and creative people. In her Norwegian lineage are writers, visual artists, blacksmiths, animal lovers, farmers and sailors (and most likely a Viking or two). Her art training has been squeezed in between various occupations ranging from bookkeeper to millworker to farm worker. 

 After raising her family of two children (one princess and one Viking boy ) she is returning to her true calling, painting and drawing the things she loves-rodeo life, cowboys, wildlife and mountains. Her life experiences come through her pencil drawings and bring the viewer into her world, giving them a sense of peace and comfort. One can almost smell the horses sweat or feel the cool air the rider is breathing in.


Anita Klein



Growin’ up doodlin’ on any spare scrap of paper, Anita was encouraged from an early age to develop her natural scribblin’ tendencies into a career in art.

She received her formal fine art education at the (then)Emily Carr College of Art and earned an Associate Degree in Design from Kwantlen College before beginning her career as a graphic artist.   

Anita now works from her studio in Cloverdale, BC, focused on her fine art and illustration work. Recognized by it’s lushness of colour and bold sense of drama, subjects for her art are varied but her love of horses, nature and the western life remain a constant in her paintings and drawings.  Anita's "Barn Chick"humorous work features colourful cowgirls, their critters and the crazy things that can happen when they get together. Anita is a member of Cowboy Cartoonists International and an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. 


 Howard Cobb

Howard has been an artist for as long as he can remember. His first memories of drawing are from when he was a very young boy, studiously copying comic books in the 1960's, panel by panel, page by page. Although he later studied TV and Film Production at university, he chose instead to pursue a career in art shortly after he was married in 1980.

He has been a professional illustrator, working in both the comic book and film industries, but ultimately prefers the satisfaction of expressing his own ideas through fine art.

Although he has painted many portraits and quite a bit of wildlife, he considers himself first and foremost a landscape artist. He believes that the soul of any artwork is emotional content, so he paints the scenes that truly move him. Like any painter he is attracted to the effects of light, but prefers to express this mostly in high key, bright colors, and high contrast scenes. He loves the early morning and late afternoons, what the movie industry would call the golden hours, with it's typically slanting, warm lights and well defined shadows and textures.

Howard's goal as an artist is to be able to share with the viewer a strong sense of place, a sense of awe, or a story captured in one fleeting instant of time, but mostly the joy and wonder of living in such an extraordinarily beautiful world.



Patricia Banks  www.patriciabanks.ca    

Patricia Banks is a Canadian Landscape and Nature Artist known for her detailed oil and acrylic paintings.

"I am intrigued by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility in nature. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, I bear witness to the beauty, interdependence, and sanctity of all creation. I seek to share this glory with viewers so that they may also pause and reflect, and feel as if they are there, in the moment.

An artist from early childhood, Patricia believes art has the power to heal and pursues her artwork with passion and purpose. Patricia has won several awards and writes numerous art articles, including a monthly Art Adventures column for Nanaimo Magazine.

Patricia is a graduate of Douglas College and the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. She has earned Signature Status with Artists For Conservation and is a juried member of Oil Painters of America. Patricia is dedicated to nurturing, promoting and supporting conservation through her artwork. Her paintings can be found in collections throughout the world, including Canada, the United States of America, England, Australia and China.

Debra Gow  debragow.com    

I believe what sets artists apart from others who do not paint, or draw is our ability to see shapes and colors differently.  I think I was born with a brush in my hand. My inspiration comes from many areas, travels, photos, music & books. My work can be representational, with a twist towards fantasy and  abstract.  I love the immediacy and flow of watercolor, the excitment of acrylics plus the tactile nature of mixed media collage. Artistic license is a joy for me. A lovely mix of these mediums is seen in my paintings. Sometimes this includes attention to detail or a loose fluid play with all the mediums. As the saying goes I am so grateful to be following my bliss.

Debra was born in Calgary Alberta and since childhood has always had a passion for painting & drawing. Her training started in Alberta where she studied Chinese brush painting, watercolor, acrylics, & design.  After moving to the West Coast and raising her family Debra continued to study with artists like Judy Morris, Tom Lynch, Brent Heighten & Mike Svob. Debra’s paintings have met with broad acclaim.  She has been instructing art for over 25 years and finds sharing her knowledge with students important for her as a painter.



Drew Keilback drewsart.com  

Drew is a representational painter born and raised on the Canadian prairies. Drawing and sketching from an early age, he received his Fine Art training in Phoenix, Arizona where, wandering the various galleries of Scottsdale and Tucson, he was deeply influenced by the contemporary western painting style of the Southwest 

On his return to Canada, he moved to the extreme west coast of Vancouver Island and with the change of scenery came a change in palette. Life in camp can be physically challenging but with it came the rewards of living and hiking and painting some of the most remote and inspiring locations imaginable. A move to the city brought employment at CBC Vancouver as a video graphics artist where he remained until retiring to take up painting full time.

Living in British Columbia, Drew has been easily captivated by the vast and rugged beauty of the west coast and has traveled and hiked the area extensively – pencil, camera and sketchbook in hand. His paintings are simply an attempt to portray the life and land that surround us … to convey the wonders of nature in a manner unique to the viewer.

Drew currently resides in Langley and is represented by Harrison Galleries in Vancouver.  




Suzanne Erickson


Suzanne is a multi-faceted artist and professional hand engraver whose exquisite designs can be found on glass, wood, metal, leather, and most recently, gourds!  Whether it's hand engraving, wood burning, or painting, Suzanne's visual language is unique, bold, and is inspired by the natural world, and her experiences growing up in Saskatchewan.

Suzanne has studied calligraphy and hand engraving with master craftsmen in Utah and Texas, and passes her vast knowledge on to others as a teacher.  She explains her interest in working with gourds: "While teaching Pyrography, I saw a book that had hard shelled wood burned gourds.  The colours and textures completely grabbed my attention, and I knew I was in for another creative adventure! Hard shelled gourds are one of the oldest cultivated plants. Their unique shapes and surfaces beckon to be lovingly sculpted into works of art and it gives me great joy to create designs that celebrate their earthiness. They are my perfect canvas.”

Suzanne’s work displays a unique combination of ancient tradition and contemporary design.  In addition to gourds, you may also be surprised to find Suzanne’s designs on horseshoes, crystal ware, rifle stocks, hand tools and even egg shells.


 Patricia Falck  patriciafalck.com    

Patricia Falck is an Artist with a contemporary vision painting abstract landscapes with intense colour and expressive texture. Drawing from a background in fashion and textile print design, Patricia has always had a passion for colour. She believes that, “colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Patricia’s studio, which is located in Langley B.C., is Patricia’s place for solitude, contemplation, and discovery. Working with oils she enjoys beginning her paintings by building the surface freely and openly, exploring possibilities that become apparent throughout the process. Her paintings are a form of quiet thinking, an internal process. Patricia’s paintings are continually evolving - never ending – they simply stop in at an interesting place.

Patricia has studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and the Vancouver Academy of Art. Patricia’s work has been represented at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley and is currently available in Gallery 204 downtown Langley.

Louise Nicholson   louisenicholsonartist.com

Louise Nicholson: What began as a hobby, Louise’s pursuit of mixed media painting has turned into a wonderful career comprised of portrait painting, live event painting, and award winning studio work. Louise strives with each piece to infuse it with light and drama so that the usual and non-descript can become unique and thought-provoking. “I see each new painting as a challenge to out-perform my past efforts”


Felicity Holmes www.felicityholmesartist.com      

Felicity has always had an appreciation of the landscape and nature after having spent most of her childhood riding horses in the Derbyshire Dales in England.  She obtained her B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art at Loughborough Leicestershire. After completion of that, she immigrated to Canada with her husband settling in the Muscoka region of Ontario. Where she worked for a local Art gallery and framing store learning the art of professional picture framing and the Canadian Art scene.  In the late 1990's they moved over to the West Coast of Canada and now live in Brookswood, Langley.  Most days can find Felicity walking her Doberman over the numerous trails throughout the region either in the mountains or down near the seaside with camera and notebook in hand getting new inspiration for her large canvases.  Felicity also has a small business designing murals for private residences, creating the one of a kind themed room for a childs room to wine cellars.

 Gale More O'Ferrall galeart.squarespace.com    

Gale More O’Ferrall was born in Scotland and moved to Zimbabwe when she was six years old. She studied fine arts at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and later went on to work and exhibit both independently and within the industry.

Her work is eclectically rich in subject matter, reflecting the extensive travels she has had throughout her life.

“Revealing people and their individual essence holds predominance in my love for painting. Capturing atmosphere and light is my technical forte, and my passion for wildlife arose from my personal experiences of growing up in Africa.”

Recently, Gale and her family relocated to Vancouver and she has found her new surroundings to be creatively fueling as she develops a relationship with her new home.


Heidi, regrettfully, cannot attend this show but we leave her fabulous artwork here for you to see.
Heidi Lambert heidilambertart.com    

I work primarily in transparent watercolours where my passions lay. My paintings are realistic and representational in style enhanced with deep values – rich in colour. The subject matter is widely varied carefully selecting subjects where light and mood are a strong factor. Although my approach has evolved over the years I'm still a purist at heart.

Born in Germany, Heidi came to Canada at the age of 6 and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta where at an early age attended art school at the Edmonton museum of Art. Heidi has been a watercolour artist for 30 years and is a dedicated artist. She is currently an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, an Elected Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, and a Signature Member of the Northwest Watercolour Society.

Heidi has been a recipient of several prestigious awards over the years and her work can be seen in collections across Canada, USA and Europe. Heidi has served on several boards of the art organizations she belongs to and is currently the CSPWC Director of BC and the North in Canada.                       Heidi Lambert - CSPWC, AFCA, NWWS


Gwen Murphy


Gwen Murphy was raised in B. C. and has been fortunate enough to visit the rest of our country.  Canadian landscapes provide inspiration for many of her works.

She began her art training by attending workshops and classes with the White Rock School of Art, the Federation of Canadian Artists, as well as prominent local and international artists.

Watercolours were her first love until acrylics took over.  Gwen enjoys capturing scenes of quiet, secluded, even remote areas—perfect spots to stop and stay awhile, surrounded by the sounds or the silence of nature. She reinvents these landscapes on canvas, exploring shapes, colours, and patterns, departing moderately from realism to portray nature in her own style. Without the expectation of being realistic, she can render subject matter more easily with bright, bold colours and perhaps whimsical shapes.

She presently resides in Aldergrove, B. C., where she lives a semi-rural life-style, often  touring B. C., continuing to find new sources of inspiring landscapes. 

Beverley Biddulph http://www.fraservalleyartists.com/artists-gallery/beverly-biddulph/      

Bev Biddulph is a White Rock, B.C. artist who works in oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels. Sunlit autumn scenes, golden evening light, trees and water are favourite subjects. She also likes to paint old buildings with a sense of mystery, intrigued with their past and the people who lived in them. Bev strives to capture the feeling for places using impressionistic colour and rearranging the scene to produce a mood, rather than a realistic depiction.

Bev grew up in northern British Columbia and moved to Vancouver Island after attending U.B.C. She studied art at the University of Victoria and Malaspina College and worked in watercolours for many years. For the past five years she has worked mainly in acrylics and oils. Bev exhibits with the Fraser Valley Federation of Canadian Artists and at the Federation Gallery, Granville Island.

Jim Pescott www.jimpescottart.com    

Jim Pescott left a successful corporate career after thirty years to follow a deep inner passion for Alberta landscapes and the natural light that define them. Jim is self-taught: he lives and creates in Alberta, Canada.

For Jim, painting landscapes involves listening visually to source both the joy in nature and the sanctuary this provides as everything evolves on the canvas through shapes and colours.  He’s never really sure what will happen as he paints, and as he says, "The best moment, when my heart really vibrates, is when light touches the canvas. I love to watch the trees dance as the sunlight plays the songs."

Jim's work has exhibited internationally: Cannes, France, Florence, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, and Monaco. His work has exhibited annually since 2011 in the juried Salon held by the historic Societe National des Beaux-Artes (SNBA) at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris France. 

In 2012, Jim was recognized as a "Master Pointillist" in an award from ArtTour International Magazine for "Excellence In The Arts and Outstanding Career Achievement". Then in 2013, Jim received medal award recognition from France's national Academie Arts-Sciences-Lettres. In 2015, Jim received provisional membership in France’s national and historic Societe National des Beaux-Artes (SNBA)


 Barry Walker  www.barrywalker.ca    

Barry was born in Sydney Australia, began his artistic training at The Sydney College of Art at age 10. Painting his first serious portrait at age 12. Was selected to be taught by Australia's foremost portrait painter Joshua Smith at age 17.

Has resided for many years in Canada, Now resides in Maple Ridge, B.C. Has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. The Portrait Society of Canada, and the Portrait Society of America. 

Barry has done commissioned work for The Toronto Real Estate Board, and Via Rail Canada. His paintings have sold world wide from Galleries in Both Canada and Cannon Beach Oregon, U.S.A.

He would like those who view his paintings to look, come back and look again, to see what every artist leaves in a painting.   .... A little piece of his soul.