lcome to the “West”

The West Fine Art Show is in its ninth year of operation. We are thrilled with our past success and look forward to producing many more high quality shows.

Here is the 2018 show schedule:

March 9-11 Early Spring Show in North Langley

May 18-21 Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition in Cloverdale, Surrey

September 21-23 Late Summer Show in South Langley (note this show is now full)

If you are an established artist and wish to be considered as a “Featured Artist” at one of our future shows, the information below will be of interest.

First and foremost, the West Fine Art Show features representational art which depicts our Western Canadian environment and lifestyle.

Interested artists should have a considerable body of representaional art ready for sale. Interested artists should also have a website and other social media presence in place as well as a past history of participating in a number of art show events. 

Secondly, we would like to give you a sense of what our shows are like:

Our shows are not produced as craft fairs; instead we strive for a gallery-setting and appearance.

Framed representaional art, sculpture and other exceptional creative works are considered.
The artist fee for being in one of our shows varies but can be as much as $500.

The show look is achieved by the use of ProPanels and lighting as seen above.

Artists are expected to be present at all times during the show opening hours.
A specified portion of all art sales will be directed, by the artist, towards the charity or charities that are partnered with any particular show.


If you wish to express your interest, you can begin by emailing us via this website; simply 
press this link  and send an email to us.  Please make this initial email as brief as possible; send only a short description of your work, and your website address so that we can see your work.

You will receive a reply.


In the event that we invite you to be a Featured artist at one of our West Fine Art Shows, you will receive, by email, an Artist Participant Agreement. Once you have read the Artist Participation Agreement, we consider the receipt of your  deposit cheque, made payable to The West Fine Art Show Society, to be your acceptance of the terms of the aforementioned agreement. Your deposit becomes non refundable 60 days prior to the show. The balance of the Artist Participant Agreement entry fee will be collected on the first day of the show; this payment is to be in the form of a cheque or cash.

An invitation, from us, to become a Featured Artist into a specific West Fine Art Show is a limited invitation to that specific show only. Being invited into a West Fine Art Show does not confer  membership in the West Fine Art Show Society nor any right to be accepted in any subsequent West Fine Art Shows.